Odysseus Dada is active in a variety of fields, such as poetry, novels, films, broadcasts, He is currently the most famous film critic in Korea and is a broadcast facilitator. May supervise and direct a feature film called RED TANGO. He is the Organizer of the KOREA INTERNATIONAL TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP and SEOUL TANGO CAMP. He is also organizer of the MILONGA del CORAZON is the largest milonga in Seoul. He is director of the Argentine Tango Association of Korea. It is the Art Tango Center, founded in 2006, to represent. Hard to the disciples, he has been teaching tango. He also is a professor teaching at the University of image creation.Lea Kai married couples with Odysseus Dada. Lea Kai has been teaching tango in the Art Tango Center. And the co-head of the Art Tango Center. She is also most famous milonga DJ in South Asia. Great interest and passion for music and a DJ for a long time she has worked as a DJ at the International Tango Festival.Lea Kai y Odysseus Dada performed at the Jakarta, Montreal, Dublin International Tango Festival 2013 and Taipei Tango Festival 2012, Seoul Tango Camp 2011, 2012, 2014 as a International dancer. They also publishes a magazine, Korea Tango. In Asia, the only published a tango magazine, Korea Tango is published 4 times a year.