Diego was born in Santiago del Estero, and grew up in a family of Musicians of Argentine Folklore. He joined a Folk Dance Academy, that toured throughout Argentina from the age of 9, until 2007 when he began to travel around the world with manies companies of cruises. In 2013 he moved to Buenos Aires and there he form his Tango style with important traditional masters.

Giusy lives and works in Buenos Aires as a professional dancer and teacher of Tango. From her childhood studied dance, design and art in Italy, but it's through tango that she met her priviliged medium of expression. Her experience ranges from traditional Tango de Salon to Tango Fantasía, Escenario, and Argentinian Folklore. She has been finalist in Buenos Aires World Championship (2016) and others prestigious Tango Metropolitan competitions.

Giusy and Diego met in Buenos Aires through the embrace of Tango, and from 2018, as a couple, they perform and teaching in several countries. In 2019 visiting Europe and Asia, they presented shows of Argentinian Tango and Folklore , and were touring to Italy, England, France , Sweden, Danmark, Germany, and Thailand for them first time. From October 2019 they are beginning a new world tour.