At this level of knowledge, Bali Tango Community will present a collaboration of Balinese Dance, Argentine Tango, Rueda de Tango, Chacarera, and- Milonga culture into our performances. This is what "Tango United Us" is. Tango in Bali was initiated by Billy Jhon y Rahma Dita in 2015. They started a small community with basic and improver class every Saturday. They prioritize quality and youthful enthusiasm. Practicing together with passion, compassion, and friendship, from here we grow as Tango in Bali Community.

Our vision is to bring the youth of Tango in Bali to the next level, grow and succeed together, help and encourage each other to achieve bigger goals. Togetherness during practice has the ability to aim and capture all the best opportunities for each student to become a superior Tango teacher and dancer. We welcome newcomers to make the community bigger and build good new tango dancers. Our mission is to be the top of mind of Tango community in Indonesia.