There are a variety of activities to be held in this event. Those activities are a series of mutually supporting struts and enrich the technical knowledge (theoretical and practical), and the philosophy of tango Dance. The whole activities will enrich the participants to understand tango in depth. Our activities comprise tango classes, workshops with the teachers, milonga, spiritual activities (yoga, meditation), and sight seeing. However, there are some worth places to visit recommended by our team.



In some workshops, the Maestros will provide a general study of the Tango. The lessons are divided into several stages, i.e. beginner, intermediate, advance and master, also in some categories such as Tango Pista and Stage (choreography) Tango. Everything is laid out in clear syllabuses.



In order for all the knowledge gained from the workshops to be firmly absorbed in the minds of the participants, the lessons in the workshops are followed by some Tango Classes. The Private Lessons provide more practical guidelines as to how to dance Tango in a better way. Here the participants will receive many important lessons from well-experienced maestros who will expose the secrets of Tango.



Milonga is an important part in this event. Every Milonga with their own unique themes are Warming up Milonga, Welcoming Milonga, Traditional Milonga, Gala Milonga, Championship Milonga, and Farewell Milonga. In addition to the different themes and nuances, every Milonga will be held in several different places so that each gives the impression of a wonderful variety for participants.



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Some Tango Lovers believe Dancing Tango can be for competition while some say No. Tango in Paradise try to make the event more exciting for some Tango Lovers and encourage them to be better Tango dancers and more confident in it. There will be in house competition. Beside the Elegance the Trophy, there will be also Prize Money at the total USD 2000 for the 6 winners, and also some vouchers staying in Hotel in Bali, full day spa treatment and many more.



  • Close Embrace.
  • The Embrace can not be broken though out the whole song.
  • The Movement of the dancing has to be within the Embrace.
  • The Movement of the dancing figures (Enrosques, Ocho, Boleo, Sacada) have to be on the floor.
  • The Movement of the legs not allowed above the knee, no Gancho or Jumping as such.
  • The Direction / Circulation of the dance is anti clock wise.
  • Not allowed to stay at one point to create a choreography.
  • Finalised 3 songs in the qualification and in the final stage.


  • Participants will be able to express their personal view on the tango dance: they may resort to movements, figures and applications that are not usually related to traditional tango.
  • Couples may break the embrace and use additional techniques derived from other dance disciplines, as long as these are justified and performed for the benefit of a particular rendition.
  • The Jury will take into account the following criteria :
    • Choreographic composition (creation or recreation)
    • Preservation of the tango essence
    • Use of the stage space
    • Choreographic and postural techniques
    • Body and space alignment
    • Couple’s synchronization
    • Choreographic effects
    • Interpretation Musical accuracy (relaxation, music-dancer-style)
    • Costumes and make-up