In recent years, the passion to dance Tango has reached an endemic situation in certain places in Indonesia. In some major cities and tourist areas such as Bali, there are many venues of Tango.

In Bali, the beautiful island that is often named “The Last Paradise”, the Tango Community is thriving with passion. There are various Tango shows and workshops conducted by various organizers almost thought every year. Increasingly, there is an enormous desire from Tango Lovers to seek deeper and deeper knowledge of this fascinating dance that has captivated their hearts. More and more major events which bring the World Tango Maestros are therefore much welcome and anticipated events – where they can pursue and hone their skills, so that they can dance with their partners better with more enjoyment. It is precisely with this in mind that grand event is to be held in Bali – with the hope that it will become a rendezvous for the worldwide Tango Lovers.

Tango In Paradise 2019

This is the 8th of the unique Tango festival in the tango world. Beside of developing and enlarging the tango community in Indonesia, Tango in Paradise also the exhibition of Indonesian values, therefore fusing the culture and tradition between the two beautiful countries, Indonesia and Argentina.

In addition, this festival aims to raise funds for the Bali Children’s Foundation, I hope this festival can contribute in any way to make their lives better, as their smiles do bring a light to this world.

On the basis of this mixed culture, Traditional dance from Bali – Pendet will collaborate with the tango dancers at the festival. We know it is a difficult task for them, but nevertheless we would like to give the collaboration a chance.

This year 4 couples of Tango Masters – Gabriel Ponce y Analia Morales, Gaspar Godoy y Carla Mazollini, Fernando Carrasco y Alejandra Mantinan, and the Woman of the Tango – Marcella Duran. We are pretty sure they will produce magical dance pieces between them. Beside that, we invite, for first time, Tango En Vivo – Tango musicians from Russia, to have them performing tango music at the festival. The famous International tango DJ – Shinji Ii (Japan), Odeyssus Dada (South korea), Gennysam Alcantara (Singapore), Alice (Vietnam), Agoezz De Zell (Indonesia) and Anthony Miller "El Mafioso" (Australia) will spin the music to companying the tango lovers in expressing their desire on the dance floor. The guest dancers and organizers from the region, will be invited to make the exhibition.


As an organizer, I am very proud of Tango in Paradise event. After years it is well known as prestigious and unique tango in festival in the world among all tango lovers.Tango in Paradise can be said as an end of year tango party. A unique event, not only tango festival but more content a cross mix culture and tradition, enhancing two beautiful countries - Indonesia and Argentina. On top of that, we have a responsibility to ethically promote Bali as a tourist destination.